Trustworthy South Florida Security Provider

Blitz Security Agency, Inc. is South Florida’s source for professionally contracted security services. Our staff of experienced professionals stand ready to protect businesses, residential property, individuals, and more. Our services can be delivered even up to the eleventh hour.

We know how to take care of those who are in need of immediate service. Within mere hours our guards are deployed. Blitz Security is unrivaled in the Miami area because of our trustworthy and effective service. Our experience in security covers an array of services, including construction, retail, private, personal and special events. Blitz Security Agency is dedicated to fulfilling its duties with precision.

Regardless of whether you need a security guard or officer, uniformed or undercover, armed or unarmed, in a patrol vehicle or on foot, Blitz Security Agency is eager to meet your needs. We have the experience, knowledge, protocol and processes to ensure that your construction property, home, business, family, friends and clients are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Orlando Garcia Sr.


Blitz Security Agency is a family owned business, founded by Orlando Garcia Sr. in 1997. Mr. Garcia dreamed of starting a business to carry on the family legacy. He arrived to Miami Florida from Cuba in the sixties to pursue the American dream. He later married his wife Yolanda Garcia and raised their children Orlando Garcia Jr. and Yolanda Garcia. Sadly our proud founder passed away on April 15th, 2011. Blitz Security Agency is now operated by Orlando Garcia Jr. and his wife, Maria.


Orlando Garcia Jr.


Orlando Garcia Jr. started in the security guard industry more than a decade ago. His father started the family business in 1997 and founded A1A Security Crime Prevention. As a senior in high school, Orlando Garcia Jr. was enrolled in a work release program where he was allowed the opportunity to work beside his father in managing the new growing business. As he grew up in the family business, he went from assisting in office duties, to being a licensed security officer to then becoming himself a security guard instructor and finally gaining an MB manager’s license and managing Blitz Protection Services, specializing in events and bodyguard services. Unfortunately, his father passed away in 2011 and Orlando opened a new agency under his name and was himself now the manager of his own company, Blitz Security Agency, Inc. With his experience in operations and managing all type of security guard services, he has been able to continue his father’s legacy in the security field, working in the commercial, industrial and private sector.

Today Orlando Garcia Jr. continues to run the family business with his wife, Maria Garcia. Orlando is currently certified by the state of Florida as a D License Instructor, as an MB Security Guard Manager, and as a Class C Private Investigator. He is mostly involved with operations, making sure that everything is moving fluently within the business particularly with the guards that works for his firm. He makes sure they are highly motivated, arriving on time and well groomed, etc. Orlando’s vision is to slowly but surely build an honest, responsible, and trustworthy team to help him grow and expand his business the right way.

Maria Garcia

Vice President

Maria Garcia started in the security industry in the year 2008 as a loss prevention officer working in a high rise condominium as front desk. She gained knowledge in the security field very quickly working as a security guard officer. She joined her husband Orlando Garcia in 2012 to open a security school known as Kendall Security Academy.

From the previous knowledge that Maria had gained she was able to assist her husband in instruction but more so in guiding all students in their career as a security guard officers. She helped them in the entire process, from completing the required 40 hour license D course to assisting them in finding a job in a reputable security guard firm. She became a mentor for many, specifically for those who had a strong desire to succeed in the security guard industry.
Shortly after her husband began Blitz Security Agency, Maria became Vice President of Blitz Security Agency, Inc. she helps manage the company in almost every aspect. Her primary focus is in customer relations and office administration. Her main objective is to keep on improvising to keep the clients content. She is always trying to devise new strategies to keep up with client demands and works hard in figuring out new ways to improve the company. Her vision one day is to continue grow throughout all South Florida and scale up.